Property management

Delivering efficient property management

ActiveSDA is certified against ISO 55001 as the quality framework for SDA asset management.​​

How we work

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Planned maintenance​

We deliver a schedule of cyclical planned maintenance activities and contractors for each property covering such items as gardening, cleaning, waste removal, gutter cleaning, gas and electrical components, and assistive technology servicing.

Responsive maintenance - urgent and non-urgent repairs​

Each resident is provided information about how to request maintenance​.

We ensure responsive maintenance items are rectified in accordance with the RTA:​

  • Urgent repairs response within 24 hours​
  • Non-urgent repairs response within 14 days.

Maintenance contractor compliance​

We retain agreements with a state-wide panel of preferred contractors to deliver quality trade services at a fair price.​ Any contractor or third party engaged to carry out works must have appropriate insurance.​

ActiveSDA requires contractors to maintain a current Working With Children check.

Reasonable adjustments​

Where a change in resident needs occurs, the property owner is notified of recommended adjustments to be made to the property to accommodate the resident where possible.​

Property customisation and modification

Property modification and assistive technology in response to changing needs are subject to the prior approval of the property owner and managed with agreed policy and procedures.