Quality, safety and compliance

Meeting client, statutory and regulatory requirements

Our quality and safety management systems ensure continuous improvement, client satisfaction and compliance.

We ensure that each person’s access to SDA is consistent with their legal and human rights, including the right to privacy, dignity, respect, intimacy, self-expression, and other human rights.

ActiveSDA applies knowledge and understanding of each person’s rights and responsibilities into everyday practice – supporting each person in decision-making, understanding their options, and entering into agreements.

ActiveSDA ensures, as far as possible that each resident’s, right to exercise choice and control over other NDIS  support is not limited by their choice of SDA dwelling.

We ensure each resident understands the distinction between the provision of SDA and other NDIS supports delivered in their home.

ActiveSDA will enrol your property with the NDIA and ensure ongoing compliance to meet the criteria and standards required. 

We maintain dwelling documentation for annual attestation.

ActiveSDA ensures that your SDA property is well maintained to meet the safety,  security, and privacy needs of residents.

ActiveSDA documents service arrangements with other providers of services in the SDA property. 

We have extensive experience in implementing service arrangements that maximise service quality and safety for residents.

ActiveSDA maintains arrangements with a panel of support service providers.