Tenancy management

Providing effective tenancy management

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Effective tenancy management​

ActiveSDA works with each resident and their support team to establish and sustain tenancy.

A condition report is completed with each resident where required by the Tenancy Agreement, and the resident is provided with information about maintenance and emergency procedures.

Shared tenancies​

ActiveSDA has extensive experience in establishing and supporting shared tenancies for people who like to live with others . 

Vacancy management​

ActiveSDA works within agreed vacancy management procedures to minimise vacancy periods, prepare vacant properties and arrange open inspections.

Transition management​

We work with each resident to facilitate a smooth transition to their new SDA home.​

Rent-setting and collection

​​Rent is set, collected and reviewed in accordance with the NDIA reasonable rent contribution (RRC) policy and RTA.


Any tenancy-related notices are issued in accordance with the law; and ensure each resident is aware of their rights.


ActiveSDA has a complaints management and resolution system which meets the requirements of the NDIS.

Accessible communication

Information and agreements relating to tenancy are provided in the language and formats which each resident and their family can understand.