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Haven; Home, Safe has quality and safety management systems in place to ensure we understand and meet client, statutory and regulatory and third-party requirements.

Haven; Home, Safe is:

  • A regulated community housing provider under the Victorian Housing Regulatory System.
  • A registered SDA provider currently undergoing certification to meet the requirements of the NDIS Practice Standards.

We have established policies and systems which operate in accordance with the requirements of the NDIS and applicable state-based laws in relation to the provision of SDA, including:

  • Advocacy
  • Governance and management
  • Human rights consideration
  • Privacy
  • Service agreements with NDIS participants
  • Tenancy management
  • Complaint handling
  • Incident Management
  • Quality and Safety

Human rights

SDA and the provision of home modification promotes the dignity, independence and participation of people with disability through access to and within the home, mainstream community life, and opportunity for social and economic participation.

Haven; Home, Safe facilitates supported decision-making for people with disability by developing processes which may enable a person with disability to identify an advocate or trusted support person to assist them to communicate their intentions or help them to understand the available choices.

We are developing resources and procedures to further enable choice and control in service delivery through the provision of accessible and simplified information formats, various contact points, consultation methods, and flexible timing of meetings.

Conflict of Interest Management

Haven; Home, Safe operates as an SDA provider only and is not a provider of other types of SDA supports or services.

Relevant information about conflict of interest and any limitations which may be placed on people in relation to the service they receive is made available through the SDA vacancy advertising, application and tenancy management processes

Each tenant’s housing rights, including security of tenure, are upheld and people will not be disadvantaged by Haven; Home, Safe through any decision about the provision of other NDIS supports within the SDA dwelling.

Service agreements with NDIS participants

Haven; Home, Safe supports participants to understand the terms and conditions that apply to their SDA dwelling which are specified in the SDA Service Agreement between the individual and Haven; Home, Safe.

The SDA Service Agreement deals with all the matters as required by the NDIS Practice Standards including; the starting date and duration of the agreement, rent and SDA payments, the rights and responsibilities of all parties, notice periods, termination of the agreement, and contact information.

The SDA Service Agreement includes information about dwelling safety features, including fire alarms and building evacuation procedures, and how this information will be communicated to other providers who deliver supported independent living to each participant in the dwelling.

Each participant receives a copy of their SDA Service Agreement signed by the participant and the Haven; Home, Safe representative. Where this is not practicable, a record is made detailing the circumstances.

Service arrangements with support providers

Haven; Home, Safe has a documented Service Arrangement with each participant’s SIL (Supported Independent Living Provider) which meets the requirements of the NDIS Practice Standards.

Tenancy & Property Management

Haven; Home, Safe has established tenancy management systems which operate in accordance with the requirements of the NDIS and applicable state-based laws.

Haven; Home, Safe manages SDA shared living arrangements with consideration to the housing needs of each participant.

The needs and preferences, including those of the applicant and current resident, are considered in the process of filling vacancies.

We ensure the provision of tenancy-related notices are adhered to and that each participant is aware of their right to seek review of a decision.

We have a policy of sustainable tenancy which involved consultation and support to preserve a tenancy where possible.

Continuity of supports

Haven; Home, Safe has procedures for continuity of SDA and support services in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

Incident management

Haven; Home, Safe has an incident management system and a complaint management system in place which meet the NDIS requirements, including mechanisms for supporting impacted people.

Home modification and assistive technology

Haven; Home, Safe has mechanisms in place to identify each person’s requirements in relation to SDA design category, access and safety, and to facilitate reasonable adjustments and home modifications as required to meet changing needs as they arise.

SDA tenants may contact ActiveSDA to enquire about home modification and assistive technology to reduce the impact of their disability and enhance independence

Privacy and personal information

Each participant is informed of the reasons for collecting personal, financial, income, and disability-related information for the purpose finalising the SDA Service Agreement and tenancy management.